I had an old and large irrigation system in my back yard that was leaking everywhere and needed to be replaced. Jeff and his crew got the job done quickly at a very fair price. I highly recommend Diamond Landscape & Sprinkler Repair, and will be seeing them again in the fall when they add shrubs and trees to make my yard beautiful again.

Steve B.

Henderson, NV

Jeff and his team did a great job installing a new irrigation system for me. I had a leak outside the front of my house. I call and spoke with Jeff on Monday which was a holiday he came out the same day and provided me a quote which was good and in my budget. The next day he and his team cane out and took care of everything and it only took a couple of hrs. Call Jeff if you need repairs

Myisha E.

Henderson, NV

Jeff and Edward are THE BEST! They are very helpful, knowledgeable, great communication answering texts and phone calls right away (even on holidays), kind and affordable. I highly recommend using them. I was so impressed I actually scheduled them to come back out to do more work. Very happy with their work and it's a pleasure getting to know them.

Carina D.

Las Vegas, NV

Submitted a request for irrigation repair through Yelp on a Saturday. I got 3 responses. Diamond responded within minutes and agreed to come survey on Monday. They did and we agreed on a price. Came back Tuesday and completed the work as agreed. Maybe $100 in parts the rest was labor. About $70 an hour. The average rate for a landscaper in Vegas is about $65. Add in trip charges and it about equals out. So the price ended up being fair. No complaints, everything is working and hopefully my water bill will be lower where it belongs.
The other two responses were one that didn't do repairs and the other was too busy for a quick response. Two non-responses. Must have lots of work and didn't need my job.

Mike N.

Las Vegas, NV

Jeff's the best. You won't regret hiring this company, he really went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. Will definitely call again if I need help. Sometimes you just need some help because your not equipped to fix things yourself not everyone is a handy person, thanks!

Denise C.

Henderson, NV

We had phase 1 done. Amazing company, Jeff the owner is really nice and knows his stuff. He has super hard working guys and nice. Had a great experience since the first visit for a quote, he helped us get the paperwork ready and the plans to submit to the association as well. We can't wait to get him to do phase 2.

Vera S.

Las Vegas, NV

I called Jeff on a Friday about a leak in my yard. He had someone here the following day to find and repair it. My experience with them was great. Nice people and they took time to explain some things to me. While I am hoping I have no more troubles, they will be the first ones I call if I do. Thanks for the great service.

Angela P.

Henderson, NV

This company is by far the best landscaping company I am ever found since moving to in Las Vegas over 15 years ago. I had an emergency leak and they came out the same day and fixed it and charged me a minimal charge I was so grateful. After that I booked them for complete yard clean up Bush trimming ect. My yard was a hot mess and they made it look beautiful again. Many people may have experienced the same thing I have, you can never get the same landscaper twice. They have been a business 24 years. Jeff and his crew are the best, they work hard they're professional And I will definitely be seeing them in the Spring if not sooner

Susan E.

Las Vegas, NV

Great job! I had a water leak on the side of my house from my sprinkler water line. Jeff sent Edward out to repair. He found another leak. Edward repairer it thoroughly and efficiently. They are reasonably priced and get the job done quickly. Thanks!

L C.

Henderson, NV

We were in a last minute bind with a leak- we called up Jeff... on the weekend no less...and he patiently walked us through some troubleshooting to see if we could fix the problem. Due to some scheduling conflicts on our end, we ended up needing to go with someone else to help with the leak. But we were impressed with Jeff. He was professional, knowledgeable and genuinely cared to try to help us.

Lesley V.

Las Vegas, NV

Im not one to leave reviews, but I am highly impressed with this company. After getting stood up not once but twice by other landscape companies, I contacted Diamond Landscape. When I spoke to him on the phone, he walked me through numerous trouble shooting issues until he thought he knew what the problem might be. He was right and I was able to fix it myself without having to pay another landscape bill. Not many businesses will do this for a first time caller. I appreciate his time and effort to help me. I will definitely use them in the future and highly recommend them.

Amy S.

Henderson, NV

My irrigation system had been on the fritz since purchasing my home a few years back. Not sure what the previous homeowner(s) had done, but given the first quote that I received from a different company, and the subsequent reaction by their technician to the s-show on display in the valve box, I knew it was time to go full bore on this project and get it done right. Since I don't typically jump on the first quote, I felt compelled to give the Wheel of Yelp! another spin to see if I could get a second opinion on the scope of work and whether or not it was commensurate with the initial asking price by Company A. After reading through the many glowing reviews for Diamond Landscape & Sprinkler Repair, I put in a formal request for a quote. No more than a few minutes later I got a reply back asking for my contact information so that Jeff, the owner, could get in touch with me to discuss my work request over the phone. Human interaction in the year 2020? Definitely a positive sign. Now, to give you, the reader, some context as to the type of work they do, I told Jeff that the valves needed to be replaced along with the filter that was spraying water out into the valve box. Some additional lines needed to be trenched out to the hedges in the front yard as well as the backyard, where hand-watering plants on permissible days became a rather laborious chore. The Controller/Clock was in great condition, considering it was probably never used by the previous homeowners to begin with, so all that needed to be done there was proper programming. None of my requests seemed too daunting for Jeff, because after evaluating the photos I sent him via Yelp! it became abundantly clear to me that I was dealing with a professional who knew his stuff, as Jeff's 30+ years of experience in this field pinpointed some additional things we overlooked when we did our initial evaluation of the system. He's honest and straightforward, with a genial personality and those are traits that are SOOOOO hard to come by in a service pro these days. Anyhow, following our conversation, Jeff stopped by a few days later and did his own evaluation so that he could provide me a full estimate. By Friday of that week, I received a phone call from him with the quote and an email later on that day breaking down the scope of work to be performed by his employees. Fast forward to Monday, and the entire job took no less than a half-day to complete. Fantastic work! On behalf of my trees and plants, I want to say thank you to Jeff, Edward and Chuy for the amazing work that they did. I can finally spend less time watering and more time doing... hmmm.. not sure what I'm going to do with my time now? Haha. Thanks again!

Krikor H.

Henderson, NV

After getting several estimates for a full backyard and side yard landscaping, I decided to go with Jeff the owner of Diamond Landscaping. I couldn't be happier with the price and the awesome landscaping job. I discussed with Jeff my general plan for the landscaping and after starting the job Jeff made several suggestions to improve upon my original plan. All of which enhanced the overall landscaping. Then I told Jeff to just go ahead and finish the landscaping the way he wanted too. Best decision I could have made. When Jeff finished the project it was far better than I had envisioned and far exceeded my expectations. His team was meticulous in every detail, and did a high quality and thorough job. Jeff kept me apprised daily on what they planned to do that day, and reviewed what they had completed every day. Jeff is honest and genuinely concerned that he meets your expectations, and his team is friendly, courteous and very hard working. I highly recommend Diamond Landscaping and my advice is to tell Jeff your ideas on what you want, then just let him do what he wants to enhance your plan. It'll turn out better than what you wanted.

Dale P.

Las Vegas, NV

Jeff called the same day I requested a quote, showed up the next day, replaced my valve, programmed my sprinklers and stayed true to his quote. He was courteous and professional and I would recommend this company to everyone.

Peggy A.

Las Vegas, NV

I am extremely happy with them, we just moved to Henderson and didn't know who to call.....they came out gave me an estimate which was affordable and the very next day were out working on my yard,which turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted, I plan to have them out very soon to plant more and update my backyard with a rock fountain, cant wait to see the final project!!!!

Kristi H.

Las Vegas, CA

Jeff, Edward and Santos did a fantastic job for me at a great price. Jeff, the owner is a man of his word, he showed up on time for the estimate, then he and his crew showed up to do the job exactly on time. They are a great crew and you will be very happy with Jeff's work and prices. I can't recommend them enough.

William S.

Henderson, NV

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